Research fields:

SmartComLab – Network services and IoT management

5G • communication networks • FPGA • industrial IoT • machine learning • network and service management • network monitoring • traffic analysis

Orosz Péter
(+36) 1 463-4189
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Orosz Péter
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Activity of the research group:

Our primary professional and scientific profile generally covers the analysis and management of communication networks and services. Lab members have considerable experience in monitoring the traffic of fixed and mobile communication networks, hardware acceleration of monitoring tasks, root cause analysis, and performance evaluation of networks and services. In addition, we are dealing with Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and their collaboration.

Recent results:

In the field of network services
  • Methods for quality evaluation of Internet connections
  • Methods for testing net neutrality
  • Methods for hardware implementation of DPI tasks in a high-speed environment
  • Methods to detect and prevent new types of DDoS attacks
  • Development of network measurement systems based on the above methods
IoT management
  • Efficiency testing of industrial IoT services on 4G and 5G networks
  • Arrowhead framework

Special infrastructure:

GPON network infrastructure • Tektronix logic analyzer • 4G LTE mini network with 1 base station and a fully functional core

Recent projects:

H2020-Productive 4.0 • H2020-Arrowhead Tools

International relations:

Lulea University of Technology, Sweden • ISEP, Portugal • Mondragon University, Spain

Industrial partners:

IBM Zürich RL • NMHH • Aitia