Research fields:

Antennas, Radiowave propagation and EMC

5G devices • 5G radio networks • antenna design • antenna measurement and simulation • high frequency measurement techniques • physiological effects of electromagnetic fields • radio interference and interference problems (EMI/EMC)

Nagy Lajos
associate professor
V1 épület 2. emelet 214. (oktatói szoba)
(+36) 1 463-3684
A kutatócsoport tagjai:
Nagy Lajos
associate professor
Barbarics Tamás
associate professor
Lénárt Ferenc
research fellow
Szűcs László
assistant research fellow
Reichardt András László
master lecturer
Szalay Zoltán Attila
assistant lecturer
Zombory László
professor emeritus
Vécsi Sándor
research engineer
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Activity of the research group:

The group deals with the simulation, design, implementation and calibration of antennas and associated high frequency active and passive circuits. For these studies, a unique facility at the university is provided, an electromagnetically shielded and anechoic measurement laboratory, in which the operation of the equipment can be investigated in a completely noise and reflection free environment. The laboratory is also suitable for testing electromagnetic compatibility and the biological effects of electromagnetic fields. A major research area is the optimisation and design of mobile radio networks.

Recent results:

  • As part of the move to building V1, the EMC antenna measurement room was completed with the support of the faculty, and measurements started in 2013-14,
  • The mechanics of the EMC antenna measurement room's rotator for the measurement object has been completed (in 2018-19), and the rotator control electronics are currently being designed,
  • Several antennas have been developed for 26GHz and 76GHz in an industrial collaboration up to implementation in collaboration with Nivelco (ongoing since 2016)

Special infrastructure:

Antenna/EMC Measurement Room • Radiation Meter RAHAM Model 50 • Aaronia Spectran NF-1010 Field Meter • Agilent 8753ES Network Analyzer • Agilent N9340B Spectrum Analyzer • LRC Meter HP 4285 A • Keysight N9914A FieldFox Handheld RF Analyzer

Recent projects:


International relations:

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Industrial partners:

Nivelco • Magyar Telekom • NMHH