Research fields:

Chip-sized laboratories

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) • Electrospinning • Flow chemistry • Magnetic nanoparticle • Microreactor • Pharma 4.0

Ender Ferenc
associate professor
(+36) 1 463-3072
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Ender Ferenc
associate professor
Pálovics Péter
assistant research fellow
Németh Márton
research fellow
Hantos Gusztáv
assistant lecturer
Pardy Tamás
research fellow
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Activity of the research group:

The Lab-on-a-Chip devices research group deals with multiple, partly overlapping topics. The overlapping area is referred as flow chemistry. Unlike batch chemistry, flow chemistry is easier to automate, process based and better scalable. Area of interest:
  • Industrual IoT based control of Pharma 4.0 flow chemistry modules and instruments (in industrial cooperation)
  • Development of flow microreactors: as the core of the flow chemistry system, this device consists of biocatalisator molecules in immobilized form. PDMS and 3D printed technologies (with BME SzKTT, University of Ljubljana)
  • Open Microfluidics platform: R&D oriented, open hardware and software platform for microlfuidics systems (with the Taltech University)
  • Nanocarrier technology: development and construction of primarily polymer nanofibers, heterogeneous integration to microreactors (in industrial cooperation)
  • Numerical investigation of the mechanical behaviour of magnetic nanoparticles in microfluidics environment (with BME SzKTT, University of Ljubljana)

Recent results:

  • Participation in the CPS4EU project
  • Cooperations with Spinsplit
  • Successful simulation and validation measurements to describe the aggregation of magnetic nanoparticles in an external magnetic field under different fluid flow conditions

Special infrastructure:

Spinsplit spFlow flow chemistry system • Spinsplit spinCube nanofiber formation equipment • CraftUnique CraftBot FDM 3D printer • Prusa i3 MK3S FDM 3D printer • Prusa SL1 SLA 3D printer

Recent projects:


International relations:

Taltech University • University of Ljulblajna • Babes-Bolyai University • University of South-Eastern Norway

Industrial partners: