Research fields:

Radar and Remote Sensing

active and passive radar • antenna systems • beamforming • microwave imaging • multilateration • radio direction finding • remote sensing • sensor fusion • small satellite and ground station technology • space-time adaptive signal processing

Seller Rudolf
assistant professor, deputy head of department
V1 épület 5. emelet 505. (oktatói szoba)
(+36) 1 463-3687
A kutatócsoport tagjai:
Seller Rudolf
assistant professor, deputy head of department
Györfi László
professor emeritus
Dudás Levente
assistant professor
Badics Zsolt Tibor
research fellow
Szüllő Ádám
assistant research fellow
Rösner Vilmos
assistant research fellow
Hödl Emil
Tanszéki mérnök
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Activity of the research group:

Microwave active and passive remote sensing
  • decision and estimation theory
  • classification
  • antenna systems
  • RCS fluctuation
  • micro-Doppler
  • radar modulation
  • passive radar
  • holographic radar
  • CUAV radar
  • RF, KF, digital KF, SP circuits
Smart antenna systems
  • digital beamforming, electronically scanning antenna
  • Radio direction finding techniques
  • Interference and jammer filtering techniques
  • multibeam antennas
  • Antennas and antenna systems realisation
Sensor fusion
  • sensor fusion theory
  • CUAV applications
  • object protection and border surveillance applications
Small satellites and ground stations
  • Automated and remote controlled satellite control and receiving stations
  • educational small satellite: power supply system, on-board computer, radio communication system, experiment as payload
  • satellite system integration
  • small satellite operation

Recent results:

  • Holographic radar demonstrator for drone detection
  • Passive radar demonstrator using fused FM and DVB-T illuminator
  • Micro-Doppler demonstrator
  • radio direction finding demonstrator
  • Radar tester demonstrator
  • Smart antenna system demonstrators
  • CUAV system
  • wave propagation studies in densely vegetated areas
  • Investigation of broadcast transmitters' radiation intensity in the altitude range 0-kb.30km
  • First four Hungarian satellites at the Technical University of Technology: MaSat-1, Smog-P, ATL-1, Smog-1
  • BME full remote satellite ground station

Special infrastructure:

Rohde & Schwarz ZNA Vector Network Analyzer 10 MHz to 43.5 GHz • Rhode&Schwarz Vector Signal generator SMBV100B • Rhode&Schwarz Signal Analyzer FSV • Agilent Vector Signal generator E4438C • Agilent S Parameter Network Analyzer 8753ES • Rhode&Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer FSH3 • Oscilloscopes

Recent projects:

Piaci KFI

Industrial partners:

MH Institute for Modernisation • NKE • ATOMKI • Hungarocontrol Zrt. • WIGNER • BHE Kft. • metALCOM ZRt. • Pro Patria Electronics Kft. • Tungsram Operations Kft. • MVM Paks II. Zrt.