Services for our researchers

Software licenses

In the frame of the Microsoft Campus programme, faculty colleagues can access Windows 11 and Microsoft Office 2016 (even on home computers, with activation via VPN), the full MATLAB software suite Simulink, NI LabView, AnSys. The download is available via the link below, but only over the campus network:

Grammarly proofreading service

Grammarly is an online grammar checking service that is much more versatile than it sounds. Not only does it find and correct grammatical errors, but it can also rearrange sentences, suggest synonyms, improve punctuation, etc. It is extremely useful to run through the article directly before submitting it for publication. The university has a fixed number of premium licences, but the quota is far from being filled. The person in charge is Viktor Józsa, access can be requested via this online form.

TurnItIn plagiarism checking service

TurnitIn is a plagiarism checking service to which the University subscribes. Turnitin distinguishes between instructor and student accesses. Our subscription does not impose any restrictions on instructors, but unfortunately it does for students, and the number is so low that there is no chance of attracting students to use the service (including the otherwise technically possible moodle integration). Still, the service is useful, we just need to use a different workflow. After login, classes have to be be created, then assignments for the classes, and we have to add the documents to be examined to the assignments manually. Then the plagiarism search is done. Unfortunately, the otherwise existing source code checker module is not covered by our subscription (but this may change on demand at renewal).The service can be used not only in education. You can also create a class/assignment to check your own articles or theses and other submissions. For checking articles that are about to be published, it is advisable to use the settings described in this document so that the text is not included in the repository, because from then on the publisher will always find a match.

Services associated with email addresses ending with

Parts of the subscription are:

  • Office 365 A1 Plus for faculty package
  • 1 TB onedrive storage space
  • 50 GB outlook mailbox