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Packaging technologies

Activity of the research group:

The main activities of the research group are the development of new types of composite and micro-alloyed solder materials, the optimisation of their soldering parameters and the investigation of their reliability (such as electrochemical migration, tin pest and whisker phenomena). Furthermore, research on degradable circuit substrates for wearable and degradable electronics.

Recent results:

Investigating the physical mechanisms of VPS ovens by measurement and numerical simulation of the vapour space and temperature distribution. Investigating the tin whisker phenomena in different material systems and under different environmental conditions.

Special infrastructure:

ASCON vacuum VPS

Recent projects:

MECA (Erasmus+) • METIS (Erasmus+) • OTKA

International relations:

CVUT • Lukasievicz Netwrok • University Sain Malaysia

Industrial partners:

Robert Bosch • MFA