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Antennas, Radiowave propagation and EMC

Activity of the research group:

The group deals with the simulation, design, implementation and calibration of antennas and associated high frequency active and passive circuits. For these studies, a unique facility at the university is provided, an electromagnetically shielded and anechoic measurement laboratory, in which the operation of the equipment can be investigated in a completely noise and reflection free environment. The laboratory is also suitable for testing electromagnetic compatibility and the biological effects of electromagnetic fields. A major research area is the optimisation and design of mobile radio networks.

Recent results:

Special infrastructure:

Antenna/EMC Measurement Room • Radiation Meter RAHAM Model 50 • Aaronia Spectran NF-1010 Field Meter • Agilent 8753ES Network Analyzer • Agilent N9340B Spectrum Analyzer • LRC Meter HP 4285 A • Keysight N9914A FieldFox Handheld RF Analyzer

Recent projects:


International relations:

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Industrial partners:

Nivelco • Magyar Telekom • NMHH