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Radar and Remote Sensing

Activity of the research group:

Microwave active and passive remote sensing

Smart antenna systems

Sensor fusion

Small satellites and ground stations

Recent results:

Special infrastructure:

Rohde & Schwarz ZNA Vector Network Analyzer 10 MHz to 43.5 GHz • Rhode&Schwarz Vector Signal generator SMBV100B • Rhode&Schwarz Signal Analyzer FSV • Agilent Vector Signal generator E4438C • Agilent S Parameter Network Analyzer 8753ES • Rhode&Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer FSH3 • Oscilloscopes

Recent projects:

Piaci KFI

Industrial partners:

MH Institute for Modernisation • NKE • ATOMKI • Hungarocontrol Zrt. • WIGNER • BHE Kft. • metALCOM ZRt. • Pro Patria Electronics Kft. • Tungsram Operations Kft. • MVM Paks II. Zrt.