Smart Power Laboratory

Cyber-physical simulation • Digital twin technology • Electricity • Renewable energy

Raisz Dávid Márk
associate professor
(+36 1) 463-5311
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Raisz Dávid Márk
associate professor


The electricity sector is increasingly dominated by factors like decentralized generation based on renewable energy sources; the changing role of consumers by acting as producers, aggregators and flexibility providers; the proliferation of power electronics; interaction with communication systems and digitalization; and coupling of different sectors (transport, electricity, heat, gas supply and chemical energy storage). This transformation requires innovative products, solutions, and services, where the key to competitiveness is rapid prototype development, real-world testing, and adaptation to continually changing challenges.

Services offered

Development and testing of power electronic converters; CHIL and PHIL fast prototyping; testing of protective relays and control systems; protection system evaluation; interoperability testing; standard pre-compliance testing; simulation of cyber-physical systems; cybersecurity assessment; hands-on training; distance learning courses; seminars; RDI cooperation Benefits:
  • Flexible configuration of test equipment
  • High-fidelity, multirate mapping of emulated system components
  • Automated high-bandwidth measurement and data acquisition
  • Multidomain cyber-physical simulation
  • Digital twin technology
  • Motivated staff with research and industry expertise
Application: Development, rapid prototyping and testing of new solutions and services at
  • system operations level,
  • distribution level,
  • local community level,
  • customer level


Real-time simulator, 21kW power amplifier, grid/load/PV emulators, controllable converters, battery, 800m cable system, controllers, analyzers