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Photovoltaic systems, nano- and microelectronics

Activity of the research group:

Physics and technology of semiconductors, implementation, modelling and metrology of semiconductor-based electronic devices, including solar cells, sensors, thermal electrical active devices. Modelling of solar cells and modules, integrated cooling of concentrator solar cells, testing of Si-perovskite tandem solar cell structures.

Recent results:

Special infrastructure:

Clean room laboratory (Class 6, double-sided lithography, high purity heat treatment up to 1350 °C, rapid heat treatment, chemical machining station, etc. ) + outdoor wafer cutting, implantation, wire bonding • Layer deposition equipment (cathodic sputtering, vacuum evaporation) • Electron microscope/electron beam lithography • Semiconductor technology qualification measurement equipment • Emission microscope • Resonant capacitor potential/surface photovoltage mapping • Solar cell measurement (solar simulator, electrical measurement equipment)

Recent projects:

NKFI/OTKA projects

International relations:

University of Oulu • Technische Hochschule Ulm • TU Tallin

Industrial partners:

Semilab Zrt