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Nanotechnology, sensors

Activity of the research group:

Traditionally the main focus of the research group is on the research and development of electrochemical and optical biosensors and microfluidic systems. In the past few years, this is shifted towards optical, mainly plasmonic biosensors, that require the development of nanomaterial (nanocomposite) based sensor elements. Concerning sample handling, the focus is on polymer-based microfluidic systems.

Recent results:

In the framework of an international collaboration with CEITEC, Brno, we developed a novel gold nanoparticle – epoxy surface nanocomposite, that was successfully applied as a localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensor element as a label-free nucleotide sensors. The nanocomposite was also tested as a SERS substrate (in collaboration with Wigner FK, Hungary). In one of the ongoing projects, it is currently applied for COVID-RNA detection with Raman-spectroscopy.

Special infrastructure:

Veeco diInnova atomic force microscope • Surface plasmon resonance imaging device • Avantes Avaspec 2048-4DT spectrophotometer, with 3 light sources (UV, VIS, NIR) + Avantes IR spectrometer and light source • Voltalab PGZ 301 és Voltalab PST50 potentiostats • Objet Eden 250 Inkjet Polyjet 3D printer • Diener Pico low pressure plasma chamber • Polimer workstation (spin coater, vacuum chanber, laminar box, etc.)

Recent projects:

DAAD German-Hungarian bilateral project • FIKP

International relations:

Brno University of Technology • University of Bologna • Teesside University

Industrial partners:

77 Elektronika Kft. • Femtonics Kft. • Shopguard Kft. • Oncotherm Kft