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Microelectronics reliability and failure analysis

Activity of the research group:

The research group deals with quality, reliability problems and physical failure mechanisms of electronic products and components. The strengths of the research group are that its staff have a strong foundation in electronics manufacturing technology, requiring interdisciplinary knowledge, and that they are researching topics that will determine industrial interest in the long term. The results achieved by the research group are directly applicable to the practice of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Recent results:

Research into the reliability of electronic products is a constant focus for the manufacturing industry. The research group has made progress in understanding the failure mechanisms (e.g. electrochemical migration, whisker formation) that occur during the operation of products over the longer term, and in developing materials science methods for the analysis of products.

Special infrastructure:

FEI Inspect S50 scanning electron microscope • SONIX HS1000 scanning acoustic microscope • Bruker Tensor II infrared spectroscope • Spectro Midex M X-ray fluorescence spectrometer • Dage XD6600 X-ray microscope • Espec and Weiss climate chambers • Coherent AVIA 355 laser micromachining • Epilog Mini 30W laser micromachining • Voltalab PGZ301 dynamic EIS and voltmeter

Recent projects:

OTKA projects

International relations:

Technical University of Denmark • Southwest Petroleum University • King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok

Industrial partners: