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Modular Hybrid Drive System Laboratory


The rapid spreading of electric vehicles generates a need for special power electronics equipment for testing the powertrain of such vehicles. Productive R&D activities of the last few years in cooperation with Siemens made it possible to build a modular hybrid drive system laboratory on the BME campus, co-owned with Rolls-Royce Hungary. With our special self-developed technology, we are able to perform tests on any part of the powertrain as well as on the full system in the 300kW, 1200V and 20000RPM range. Further improvement of the lab shall enable testing functionalities for any power electronics device beyond E-vehicles. Our mission is to meet the demands of industry by providing services of the highest quality.


For our partners, we provide extensive testing possibilities for complete powertrain systems and powertrain components like motors, generators, power converters, batteries and inverters among many others. With our special high voltage, high frequency and high power PHIL (Power Hardware In the Loop) system we are able to emulate rotating machines and various speed sensors with flexible customizable electrical and mechanical parameters. We can provide forced air cooling and liquid cooling solutions which fit most of the existing devices. With our automatic measurement and data acquisition system, it is possible to measure the voltages, currents, speed, torque and various temperatures of the tested device.

Services offered

Support of power electronics converter development and type tests; complex simultaneous analysis of power electronic circuits; parameter mapping of electrical rotating machines with static and dynamic tests; comprehensive testing of electrical powertrains; battery testing and emulation.




Two test benches, PHIL, battery emulator, automatic measurement and data acquisition system, air and liquid cooling system