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Microwave and optical telecommunication systems

Activity of the research group:

Wave propagation, systems engineering and physical layer aspects of bulk antenna techniques. Investigation of massive MIMO systems. Cognitive radio, modulation techniques for opportunistic spectrum usage, signal processing issues, software radio applications. Validation of electromagnetic field computation models for radio devices. Modulation, coding and synchronisation issues in satellite communications. DRM30 and UHF DVB coverage optimisation.

Recent results:

Special infrastructure:

AWR Microwave Office • DRM Content Server • VNA 40GHz / 4GHz (HP) • VSA 3.5GHz, 7GHz (R&S FSIQ) • EMI transducer (R&S ESCS) • Spectrum analysers up to 7 GHz • SDRs (USRP X310 2 db, PlutoSDR ~10 pcs, USRP2 4 pcs, USRP 2 pcs) • Communication analysers (R&S CMU, EFA, DVG, DVMD, …) • Broadcasting transmitters (DVB-T, FM, DAB) • Oscilloscopes, signal generators • DWDM set • Basic optical instruments

Recent projects:

ESA, Alphasat • EFOP

International relations:

Joanneum Research, Ausztria

Industrial partners:

Ericsson Hungary • SZOMEL Kft.