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Software modeling

Activity of the research group:

Creating textual and visual domain-specific languages. Metamodeling and model processing and their validation. Efficient model definition and transformation. Multilevel and multi-layer metamodeling based on the Dynamic Multi-Layer Algebra framework. Model-based software development methodologies. Building compilers and graph transformations.

Recent results:

The research team has been researching mainly in the field of multilevel metamodeling in recent years. In the past, many ideas have been born in this field by other researchers and it has been difficult to compare these ideas. The research team is involved in the process of unifying variants in the field of multilevel metamodeling. In the spring of 2020, we began working with the group on a general approach (Multi-Level Modeling Playground, MLMP) that allows for the emulation and even combination of solutions using a single system. The method has been published in one of the most important journals in the field, and its implementation is in an experimental phase.

Recent projects:


International relations:

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