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CrySyS Lab

Activity of the research group:

Our research group works in 3 domains within the field of security and privacy:

  1. security of cyber-physical systems,
  2. security and privacy problems in machine learning-based systems,
  3. economics of security and privacy.

In domain (1), we work on the security of industrial automation and control systems, security of modern vehicles and intelligent transport systems, and security of IoT systems and applications. The common in these topics is that attacks originating from cyberspace may have physical consequences, resulting in equipment or environmental damage, or potentially even loss of human life, and therefore, security is an important requirement. In domain (2), we study how machine learning can be used to solve security and privacy problems, and also how machine learning–based systems may be exploited maliciously. More specifically, we focus on the security of federated learning algorithms and the problem of adversarial examples (e.g., in machine learning-based malware detection). In domain (3), we apply game theoretic models to study the incentive structures in different systems, and the cause of security and privacy problems. Besides the domains mentioned above, we have strong competency in applied cryptography, privacy enhancing technologies, malware analysis, reverse engineering, and secure operation of networks and network-based systems, including IT infrastructure automation.

Recent results:

Special infrastructure:

IoT devices, PLCs, industrial devices, servers • PIRAMID ICS/SCADA security testbed

Recent projects:

PrOTectME (EIT Digital) • H2020 MELLODDY • H2020 SECREDAS • H2020 SETIT

International relations:

NTNU, Trondheim, Norway • KU Leuven, Belgium • INRIA Rhones-Alpes, France • University of California, Irvine, CA • New York Institute of Technology

Industrial partners:

Microsec Zrt. • Tresorit Kft. • Ukatemi Technologies Kft.