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Activity of the research group:

The BME FASTER RECORD research group, which bears the name “Reimagining the EleCtric pOwer gRiD”, strives to transform the vision of the electric power networks. It can be seen that the current network has reached the limits for which it was designed decades ago, and we are in a critical period where we all have a professional responsibility to play a role in transforming the network. The research group emphasizes that one should not rely solely on past experiences and that a paradigm shift is needed.
The goal of the BME FASTER RECORD research group is to show a new direction in the reconstruction of the electricity network created after World War II, developing innovative scientific methodologies and procedures, which provide useful assistance to the profession and industry not only from a theoretical point of view, but also from an application support point of view. Using nearly 20 years of experience, the research group strives to model electricity networks with different voltage levels in stationary and dynamic time domains, in multiple modeling environments, with the goal of increasing stability and reliability.
The BME FASTER RECORD research group pays special attention to the careful conception of the long-term planning necessary for the reliable operation of the electricity network, given that this is one of the most important critical infrastructures. Using a scientific approach, the research group investigates strategic planning, highlighting key issues of everyday operational support, such as ensuring frequency and voltage stability, forecasting and accurate value determination, managing bottlenecks and knowing and mapping the effects of dynamic changes.

Recent results:

KDP: István Vokony won the Doctoral Student Scholarship of the NKFIH Cooperative Doctoral Program in 2023 with his research entitled Sustainable corporate management models using disruptive technologies in the energy sector. The research carried out at the Doctoral School of Economics and Organizational Sciences brings closer the industrial applicability of technical results, with a scientific approach.

Bolyai: Between 2023-2026, Bálint Hartmann is developing network vulnerability models with predictive tools within the framework of the János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Bolyai+: Bálint Hartmann is working on the integration of the results of the research into graduate and postgraduate training within the framework of the support received as a supplement to the János Bolyai Research Scholarship.

OTKA: members of the research group participate in Zoltán Tamus Ádám’s OTKA Research Program. The aim of the program is to investigate the effect of cyclic overloads on the degradation of the PVC insulation of distribution cables due to the increasing expansion of renewable energy sources.

In 2019, Bálint Hartmann won the Youth Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for his project “Utilization of renewable energy sources at different scales”.

Aim of our Lendület Grant in cooperation with E.ON is to develop a state estimator based modular toolset to support the transformation of the Hungarian low-voltage distribution network to a future-proof, smart, innovative, flexible and modern grid.

Our longtime cooperation with DSOs focus on modelling, simulation, business aspects and cost-benefit analysis of the transforming sector. Highlights of previous years include expert work on network development strategies, assessment of energy storage and e-mobility business potentials, development of microgrid services and islanded power supply based on renewable energy sources.

Special infrastructure:

Digsilent PowerFactory, Panda Power, MindPower

Recent projects:

Horizon Europe (TwinEU) • MAVIR (Transmission Network Losses calculation with AI tools), MAVIR (Swing frequency modes and real-time calculation of their damping, inertia monitoring system) • H2020 (OneNet) • MTA Lendület

International relations:

RWTH Aachen University • Aalborg University • University of Cyprus • University of Aswan • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology • Katholieke Universitet Leuven

Industrial partners:

E.ON • MVM • MAVIR • HUN-REN Centre for Energy Researc • HUN-REN SZTAKI • OPUS Energetika • iContest • Comtech • MEE