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Smart Power

Activity of the research group:

Dynamic behaviour of energy supply systems (primarily power systems), control and optimization of their components, interaction with energy markets, modelling and design of the latter, and interaction with ICT systems.

Recent results:

Between 2008 and 2016, we introduced a completely new field of competence (at department and university level): the simulation of the electricity markets and the related regulatory background were the tasks of many of our scientific and industrial R&D work during these years, the most significant of which was a GOP project implemented in the MAVIR-BME consortium. The knowledge and simulation tools accumulated during these projects have enabled the members of the team to work in H2020 projects in this field (this is currently underway), and since then we have been a key partner of industrial players (e.g. MEKH, MVM, MAVIR) on a number of issues at the domestic level. Our new result is the further development and practical implementation of the theory of cooptimalized markets.

In the period starting in 2016, within the framework of the FIEK project, we introduced another new specialty field: the control of power electronics according to system-level criteria and their impact on system dynamics is a fundamentally important and perspective area, without a previously significant domestic base. We are working on special inverter control solutions for the stable operation of the power electronics-based electricity system of the future. We have created a lab infrastructure unique to the region, enabling (P)HIL simulations, rapid prototyping of grid-connected power electronics, (P)HILco-simulation of power systems and ICT, and cybersecurity testing.

Special infrastructure:

OPAL-RT • PuissancePlus

Recent projects:


International relations:

RWTH Aachen

Industrial partners:

MEKH • MVM • MAVIR • HUPX • PPKE • SeConSys • BlackCell • CrySysLab