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Semiconductor laboratory


Class 1000 (ISO 6) and Class 10000 (ISO 7) clean room laboratory with 2-3 inch silicon wafer technology for the design of diodes, MOS circuits, sensors, advanced devices, microfluidics and solar cell structures. Available technology steps: Photolithography (1 um resolution, double-sided interfacing), wet chemistry (purification, isotropic and anisotropic etching), surface treatment (O2, N2, Ar plasma), high temperature processes (oxidation, dopant diffusion, thermal treatment), vacuum evaporation (Al, Au, Ag, Ni, Ti, Cu), RF sputtering (Pt, Pd, Ti, V, Ta, Al, Cu, Ag, Mo, Fe, Ni, SnO2, ZnO, Si, SiC, Sn-In, SiO2, Si3N4, Al2O3), centrifugal deposition (SiO2, PDMS, SU-8), screen printing (Al, Ag). The laboratory is also equipped with instruments for the qualification of the samples and devices produced: optical microscopes, SEM, mechanical profilometers, spreading resistance measurements, SPV and resonant capacitor surface potential mapping, CV measurements, as well as project specific custom measurement setups such as solar cell qualification systems (I-V and SR).

Services offered

The services offered by the laboratory are as follows:

How to access the laboratory

The laboratory allows external users to use the R&D and education infrastructure and to benefit from the expertise of the research and teaching staff, subject to specific regulations.

Access is possible for internal users and project partners with reimbursement of costs in justified cases, and for external users on the basis of agreements in accordance with BME regulations.

The general rules of the access include the basic principles of ethical research, the principles of safety of persons and property, separating research and teaching activities and the guidelines applicable to these activities, the terms of the contract, the research, development and educational services provided under the terms of a contract.