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HSNLab – Future Internet

Activity of the research group:

The “Lendület” project was about research into fully automatic fault detection and repair mechanisms for the reliable operation of the Internet. We have developed network solutions that can provide more flexible and higher level services than currently available.

Recent results:

We have won several international awards such as Google Faculty Award, best paper awards at conferences. Our results propose both theoretical and practical solutions to current technical problems in telecommunications. Their strength lies in careful engineering design, efficient mathematical modelling and analysis of the problem, and finally software development to demonstrate our new solutions in operational prototype. In our analyses, we use a wide range of mathematical apparatus depending on the nature of the engineering problem, and we prefer to work with Hungarian mathematicians. Our most significant results have been in graph theory, data structures, network theory and combinatorial optimization.

Recent projects:

Lendület • TÉT • OTKA

International relations:

Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany

Industrial partners: