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5G campus network


The private 5G test network launched on the BME campus in 2022 has been established in cooperation of BME FIEK, Nokia (supplying and operating the equipments), and Vodafone (providing the spectrum). A special feature of the network is that it is a standalone (SA) network, i.e. it is based on 5G innovations from the radio to the backbone, as opposed to the currently publicly available NSA (non-standalone) networks, which also use elements of existing 4G infrastructure and therefore do not support all 5G features. At the moment, our 5G campus network is the only research 5G network in the country that supports all 5G functionalities.

The network consists of 52 radio stations, providing some (although not full) indoor coverage in buildings V1, Q, I, Ch, Z and L of BME, including all FIEK labs. The backbone network connecting the buildings is implemented with optical links.


The 5G campus network is an open innovation platform, with access for businesses. Through individual research and development agreements it is possible to perform measurements, test industrial, practical use-cases and services. The network also includes an application server, on which a variety of customised, experimental network services can be deployed using virtual machines.

Participation in the education

The network is gradually being integrated into the education of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. As a first step, it provides infrastructure for project courses, lab measurements, thesis and dissertation work theses.