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Digital signal processing

Activity of the research group:

Our aim is the development and research of signal processing methods, and, besides, the utilization of high-level knowledge in measurement technology, electronics. The speciality of our laboratory is the application of digital signal processing to acoustic problems. Active noise control is one of the first research works that has been shortly accompanied by sound synthesis and audio signal processing. The research is supported by the equipment of the laboratory comprising more and more vibroacoustic sensors and other instruments.

Another important research field is the frequency domain identification and some related topics, like parameter estimation, linear and nonlinear system identification. Research and development covers the field of baseband complex signal processing in wireless systems, especially in the topics of 5G modulation, channel estimation and parameter estimation.

Recent results:

Special infrastructure:

Agilent E5061B network analyzer • Analog Devices signal processing cards, development environments • Brüel & Kjaer vibroacustical measurement equipment

Recent projects:

Biztonságtudományi és technológiai kompetencia központ • EFOP

International relations:

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology • Aalto University • KU Leuven

Industrial partners:

Ericsson • ProDSP Zrt. • Thyssenkrupp Components Kft. • Knorr-Bremse • Óbuda University